WordPress plugin: Latest Tweets Tooltip

Latest Tweet Tooltip

We are going to start our “projects” series today with an experiment related to Twitter and WordPress, a free plugin which will make your website more engaging and certainly will stand out of the crowd. WebDesignCrate proudly present a new WordPress plugin: Latest Tweets Tooltip.


“Latest Tweets Tooltip” or just simply LTT is a wordpress plugin which will allow you to show the latest tweets about a certain word or phrase in a draggable and resizable jQuery tooltip window. It’s really easy to install and use it and the most important thing, it will bring some user interactivity to your website or blog.


1. Download and extract the latest-tweets-tooltip.zip archive to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory (or simple use the WordPress admin panel and upload it there: Plugins -> Add New)

2. Activate the plugin from your admin panel (Plugins)

3. To use it on a word or phrase just include the word/phrase between the shortcodes [ltt] and [/ltt]

[ltt]this is a phrase[/ltt]

Version, Credits and Further information

This is the first stable version of the plugin (1.0.0). It has been tested on WordPress 3.1 along with some widely used and popular WP plugins. From our tests, this plugin should work perfectly with any other plugins. If you find any bugs or problems please don’t forget to report them using the comment section bellow. The code which powers this excellent plugin (jQuery based) was provided by CODY using the jQuery Twitter Search Plugin. The WP port it’s our way to thank you our reader for following our blog. Enjoy it and don’t forget to share it with other!

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NOTE: Some user have reported some small issues regarding the plugin. The most of them are encountered because of the main wrapper div ID. The div ID used by the plugin is the most common one used by WP themes (see ltt.php line 52)

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
$(function() {
// ]]></script>

If you have this problem try change the #content definition to your wrapper’s ID. For any support related issues don’t hesitate to use the comment section of this article.

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  1. Hi – this looks like a great plug-in. However I need the php hard-code version of the shortcode as I am adding this to a page which I am hard coding.

    • Hi Jamie and thanks for your feedback. You can call the plugin using
      < span class="twitter_search">ANY WORD OR PHRASE HERE< /span>
      rather then the shortcode[ltt]. Let us know if it works for you or if you need any other help! Good luck and stay tunned for more interesting articles.

  2. Hi,

    there is a but in the plugin. If you put an picture in the post, the text formating breaks (no alignleft or alignright). Even if you dont use the tooltip in a post. The activated plugin is enaugh to produce this effect. I use twentyten for testing. In my own themes atBlogging INside as example, the word bettween the Shortcode simply disappears.I like to use this great plugin, and want to write about it. Please take a look at it.


    • Hi Karl.

      The image issue is caused by a CSS conflict with your theme. It’s a simple float:left attribute. See ltt.php (in the plugin’s directory) at line 49:

      #content p{float:left !important;}

      Regarding your website’s custom theme it would be usefull if you could activate the LTT plugin and let us know to take a quick look or even to fwd the page source via email (once the plugin is active and at least 1 time called on a word or phrase) – contact [at] webdesigncrate.com is the email address you can use.

      Finally we thank you for your feedback, it’s always a pleasure to hear any problems the users encounter because this way we can improve our work.

  3. on http://www.blogging-inside.de i have activated the plugin. In the first posting below “- Sponsor -” i have included [ltt]Joomla[/ltt] [ltt]Facebook[/ltt] [ltt]Twitter[/ltt] 

    in the frontend and in the code the words are missing complete.

    Here http://photoplugins.de i have and different problem. In the first post everythings shows up, but the tooltip is not there. The same here http://wp-plugin-archive.de

    wp-plugin-archive.de is the largest archive of it´s kind, so i know a lot of plugins and test them also. There must be some problem.

    Best Karl

    • Hi Karl. The problems seams to be in the scripts action call. Your theme doesn’t have wrapper div with ID titled #content. For example on the first website http://www.bloggin-insde.de you could use it for the div #bh-main.

      For references please read the additional information we have added to this article (the NOTE section at the bottom). Shortly just change 1 line in the plugin’s ltt.php file (changing the container div’s ID).

      Let us know if you have managed to fix this issue.

  4. I will check and inform you. I have a crash with one of my servers and have not sleep för about 40 hours :-(

    I will go to bed now and will do some tests tomorros.


  5. Mia

    Great job Adrian ! Im glad you created a plugin version of this script , it will be easier for users to install into their themes ( websites ) rather than having to sit there and hard-code it :)
    Once again , you did a fantastic job at Rockin the code ;)
    *love the new site , wishing you continued success at everything you do :) *

  6. Danny


    I’m having the same problem as Karl mentioned above. I’ve tried everything as far as renaming the #content tag to different div id’s… nothing works and I’m actually pretty sure my theme uses the #content div anyway.

    I think the problem is with Jquery. As soon as I activate the plugin, all of the jquery on my site breaks, and (obviously) the plugin does not work.

    Any ideas?

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